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Sydney Lai 's vision is to advance society's access to emerging technology and entrepreneurship. Sydney passionately helps companies and communities gain access to resources to leverage their organization. 

She is a certified futurist and an alumnus of Consensys, Credit Suisse, Wells Fargo and University of California, Berkeley. Sydney Lai has been named an LGBT Technology Leader by The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy. 

Style & Topic
Sydney's talent is her ability to explain high-level concepts into layman's terms that is palatable for a wide-range of audiences. She throws in a bit of humor and charisma to captivate the audience. All talks are mindfully tailored specifically for the audience.

Topics: startup community development, economic development, strategy, growth marketing, emerging technologies, VR, space, blockchain, network effect, startup communities, fundraising, venture capital, partnership creation, token design, future of work, workflow automation, entering new markets, fintech, gaming

Sydney is an impact-driven speaker. Her action-oriented talks include a clear and reachable call-to-action that audience members walk away knowing what they can do next to get involved. Speaking engagements include social media promotions.

David Silva pursues a world providing opportunities and education for software engineers. He is an advocate for Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, as the future of companies are created from various perspectives.

David is a senior software engineer of 12 years, with extensive experience in the health tech and startups from emerging markets. David Silva has been named a "40 Under 40" technology leader by The City of San Francisco. 

Style & Topic
David speaks fluently in Spanish, English and Hebrew. His technical talks covers the integrations of tech stacks and the rise of a diverse workforce. 

Topics: Health tech, full-stack development, Angular, React, Open-Source, Marketplaces, Diversity & Inclusion

David is a casual and relatable speaker that engages with his audience on and off-stage.

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